D.I.Y. Silk Screened T-Shirts

                                                                                                       Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

So, I decided that since there aren’t really any cool, funny shirts for , readily available, homeschoolers (that I have liked), that I should make our own!

I recently stumbled upon a website for “our kind” called “Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers” and became inspired. I loved the title and thought it would be ideal on a t-shirt for my kids. I didn’t want to take the easy way out on this one, however. So, I decided that an iron-on transfer just wouldn’t do! I’ll post my other self-made iron-on transfer shirt some other time. You’ll love that one, too!

Let me first explain that this is the way I did it and I am not a professional clothing designer. This is just my style and a way that I have learned to adapt my skills to get the things that I like…on the cheap. Notice I didn’t say that it’s always the easiest way. I’m sure there is an easier way…this is just the way I choose to do it.

Plain T-shirt (ours are 1 dollar Goodwill specials)

Acrylic Paints (cheap Apple Barrel acrylics by Plaid are really good for this)

Sheer Organza Fabric (mine is a repurposed curtain from Goodwill)

Flat Tipped Stencil Brush

Embroidery Hoop large enought to fit your image (mine is 10 inches)

Thicker Fabric Paint (I used Tulip Puffy Paint in black)

Decoupage Glue (I used Mod Podge)

Ball Point Ink Pen

Fine Bristled Paint Brush

Medium Bristed Paint Brush

 1. First, print out your image

2.Next, fit your organza into the hoop and tighten, pull fabric snug

3. Then, place your hoop over the image so that it lays flat and tracethe image onto the fabric using a regular ball point ink pen.

          4.After you have finished tracing your image, proceed to cover the areasthat you DO NOT want printed onto your shirt with Mod Podge. I also covered about an inch outside of my image area to ensure that I didn’taccidentally stencil around the image.(Take special care to cover between any letters and small spaces.)

5. After that dries,  look carefully at your work and repeat step 4 to cover any missed areas. Let dry completely.

6. Lay your hoop down on your shirt and , in a stippling motion, coveryour image with paint. Make sure you cover everything because it doesn’twork so well to lay the stencil back down on account of the wet paint.

7. Carefully lift the stencil and rinse the paint off with cold water immediately. (Do not let it dry. It will ruin all your hard work!)You can use it over and over again this way! Rinse between uses and let dry.

8. Let your shirt dry and paint a border around it with your thicker fabric paint,if you want.(I used a bamboo kabob skewer to paint the border in the very fine places) 

9. Toss it in the dryer alone, for about 10 minutes, (or cover with a pillowcase and iron on med heat) to set the paint.Allow 48 hours to set before the first wash.

Step 10. Throw the shirt on it’s owner & admire your handiwork!!! 

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